"I have loved my experience with Adrienne and the Proctor Gallagher Thinking Into Results program.  The combination and reinforcement of Bob Proctor's lessons coupled with Adrienne's coaching, has propelled my actions to finally realizing a work/life balance that I have never been successful in achieving.  It has opened up possibilities that I never realized were truly available.  I am so grateful to Adrienne for making this program available.  It has expanded my thinking in new and different ways.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

-Shelby, Financial Advisor

"Thank you! The Thinking Into Results program was a fantastic experience for me.  It allowed me to frame my goals and help develop the daily activities to achieve them.  With the tools Bob shares with you and the excellent coaching I received from Adrienne I spoke into existence goals which seemed silly and only dreams.  These new skills have already resulted in achieving goals earlier than I expected.  I am excited to see what can be accomplished next!  Thanks again to Coach Adrienne for convincing me to take the first step!"

-Tom, Financial Advisor

"This has been the most profitable and rewarding investment I ever made in my professional and personal development. Working with Adrienne and learning the material really helped me understand myself and why I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.  It is much easier to fight depression and anxiety knowing and believing that you literally have the power to make your dreams come true. This experience not only helped me get closer to my goals, it surprised me with unexpected results of letting go of bad habits and replacing them with healthy ones. I don’t procrastinate nearly as much as I used to, I don’t struggle as much to get myself to do things I know I need to do, and I no longer live in a constant state of anxiety. I receive countless blessings in my life and I am proud that I am able to better serve our world as an individual. "

-Klaudia, Investment Professional

"Working with Adrienne has been the critical development in both my personal and professional life. Coming to the realization that we are indeed masters of our destiny and that we have all the tools inside ourselves to overcome obstacles and challenges was a true epiphany - and I have been empowered ever since. Setting goals and devoting my daily energy to achieve them has brought the highest levels of fulfillment. I cannot recommend Adrienne and her program enough."

-David M.

"Adrienne Grace offers a unique and transformative coaching experience that everyone needs to know about. Using the Bob Proctor “Thinking Into Results” coaching program as her base, and adding material from other coaching gurus and her own experiences, provided me with researched data, the necessary structure, and accountability that I needed to make progress in my mindset changes and goal visualization. I could not have asked for a better experience and better results. I now know how to make decisions: I ask myself at every decision point, “will this decision take me closer to my goal?’ Or “would the goal-achieved Tanya make this decision?”. Adrienne’s program offers a very straight-forward way to move through life’s challenges with accountability and awareness and provides an education about and access to all the tools necessary to live the life we desire to have. I credit the ease and clarity I had with selling my business at the end of last year to this coaching program."

-Tanya M.

"Adrienne is wonderful at what she does and she brings so much to the program over and above the base materials! She has helped me get clarity on what I want from life and provided the tools to achieve it. Thanks to her and the program, I am happier, healthier and more successful and I plan on continuing to improve and enjoy my life everyday!."

-Thomas M.