Mediumship Reading $111

Connect to loved ones who have transition across the veil.

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Channeling Session $111

Guidance from “The One” on how to live your highest potential

Intuitive Coaching Session $222

"Adrienne’s reading felt like a coming home ceremony. A return to what I knew long ago but had somehow forgot along the way. Her gifts reminded me to find joy, stay present and left me feeling confident about the journey ahead.  I feel joyous, passionate and inspired. Would definitely recommend."

- Julia W.

"I found having a personal channeling session with Adrienne to be a really wonderful experience. Having never had a one to one session like this before I wasn't sure what to expect. To have the opportunity to ask questions and receive insights and answers that are aligned with the energy that is alive in the exact moment is truly the most useful guidance available to us as humans walking our paths of expansion to our highest potential. The words that came were very clear, precise and helpful. I felt shifts in my body and energy throughout the session and having a recording of the session is a fantastic resource to be able to listen again whenever the feeling to do so arises. I'd highly recommend a personal channeling session with Adrienne."

- Charmaine L.