Mediumship Reading $111

Connect to loved ones who have transition across the veil.

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Channeling Session $111

Guidance from higher consciousness on how to live your highest potential

Intuitive Coaching Session $222

"When I did a mediumship reading with Adrienne, there was no question at all that she was connecting with my partner, who had died a year earlier. He came through, mentioning things only I know have happened or things I have experienced since he has passed. This was real evidence that he was in fact, communicating with her. It brought me much comfort and reassurance to be able to ask him questions I have been wondering about, like, “What are you doing now? Are you one of my guides?” Adrianne was able to move on to communicating with my guides so I could ask questions about my life and where it was headed without my beloved-questions I’d been wanting answers to for a whole year. She even introduced me to one of my guides, describing them to a T! Getting a reading with Adrienne brought me comfort, filled me with love and reminded me of what to focus on moving forward. I have energy and clarity after feeling scattered and depressed."

- Linda W

"Adrienne’s reading felt like a coming home ceremony. A return to what I knew long ago but had somehow forgot along the way. Her gifts reminded me to find joy, stay present and left me feeling confident about the journey ahead.  I feel joyous, passionate and inspired. Would definitely recommend."

- Julia W

"I found having a personal channeling session with Adrienne to be a really wonderful experience. Having never had a one to one session like this before I wasn't sure what to expect. To have the opportunity to ask questions and receive insights and answers that are aligned with the energy that is alive in the exact moment is truly the most useful guidance available to us as humans walking our paths of expansion to our highest potential. The words that came were very clear, precise and helpful. I felt shifts in my body and energy throughout the session and having a recording of the session is a fantastic resource to be able to listen again whenever the feeling to do so arises. I'd highly recommend a personal channeling session with Adrienne."

- Charmaine L.

"I absolutely LOVED the mediumship reading with Adrienne!
I felt “bathed” and immersed in the playful and exuberant energy of my husband, and I treasure the messages from him that, apparently with persistence, were transmitted.
Then suddenly, for the first time in fourteen years, my mother came through with a message. That really brought me to joyful tears. What a gift.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Adrienne!"


"Thank you for the reading! You did a fantastic job not only giving me a great reading with some dead on details but you really made the process easy and comfortable. Your “approach or technique “ was very comforting and made me feel at ease.
You have a gift and should definitely purse it."


Adrienne is definitely an old, intuitive soul using her gifts to support, encourage and empower all of us on the planet. My channeling experience with "The One" has reminded me to remember that I came here to feel JOY during a lifetime of creative, fun experiences and adventures.
I also appreciate the helpful answer to my question regarding my older cat 's health. This cat appeared and stayed to help me and my 100 year old mom during her transition." The One's" answer to focus loving, nurturing Intentions while considering medical health questions will always provide a knowing, powerful, truthful answer for all beings involved provides great comfort.
I thank you Adrienne and greatly appreciate you and your insightful gifts!

-Linda A

During our channeling session, Adrienne created a welcoming, safe space for me to ask questions and receive messages from her guides. Through their compassionate words, I gained valuable insights — about the stories I tell myself that distract me from my highest purpose and the truth of who I am. I’m grateful for Adrienne’s gift, and for the clarity she brought to this inspiring lesson in self-care and awareness.

-Miles S

"I have had several sessions with Adrienne and each one has been a gift and a blessing.
Adrienne has told me details about my departed mother and husband that she herself could not have known; and relayed specific messages from them to me.
She has channeled Collective Wisdom which answered my questions and gave me helpful guidance.
Every session with Adrienne is one of peace, love, ease and inspiration. I feel blessed by her gifts."

-Kim L

"I had an absolutely wonderful healing experience with Adrienne. Her gift to channel was exactly what I needed for my personal growth and journey.  I am truly grateful for the insight and love she channeled."

-Betsy F

“Even weeks later I continue to feel grateful for the channeling session with Adrienne. The deeply felt insights and gentle guidance are showing up in various ways for me every day - as reminders, noticing, as joyful surprises and curiosity. Adrienne took the time to create an atmosphere which was optimal for my being open to receiving the fullness of the messages she carried through. I felt at ease to ask questions of the Guides, and that easefullness has stayed with me as a bridge to the nourishing wisdom Adrienne brings forth.”

-Po C