This is your *exclusive* invitation…

Join me, Adrienne Grace, and other multi 6- and 7-figure female finance professionals for a peaceful, enlightening retreat experience to grow your business and create a life of joy and freedom!

(6 spots available)

Friday, August 25th | 10:00 – 4:30

Set in my quiet and secluded home in Vail, CO, this experience will be sure to nourish your mind, body & soul and leave you with renewed confidence and ready to achieve your biggest goals with ease and grace!


Why I Created This Mastermind:

I’ve always been passionate about helping women in finance.  After 16 years in the industry myself, I realized how important it was to have women colleagues and mentors to help navigate the industry.  Now in the two years I’ve been coaching women in the business, I see the need more than ever for community and support.  I’ve learned so much about how to have effortless success and create a life of true joy and peace and I want to show you how.

I see it with my clients all the time – they have a successful business, they’re making great money but there is still something missing.  They feel they have more potential they aren’t living up to, they have it all but feel stressed and worried instead of happy and peaceful or they’re just not fulfilled by the work they are doing.  Some have plateaued in their business and income and want to understand how to get to the next level.  I understand because I’ve been there!  All of these things come down to mindset and understanding the spiritual laws of the universe so you can work in harmony with them to achieve the life of your dreams.

Life doesn’t have to be stressful and difficult – it’s supposed to be joyful and fun!  And it all starts with a change in your thinking. 

A major issue I see in the industry today is everyone is hard charging, in their left brain and masculine energy of doing and achieving and this leads to burn out.  Women especially have lost touch with our feminine energy that is all about flow, creativity and receptivity.  When you learn how to use both, you prevent burnout, business becomes easy and joyful and you live a more balanced life.

In this one day mastermind, we will:

  • Learn to tap into your feminine energy to receive and attract vs our masculine energy of hustling and making it happen.
  • Uncover your purpose that lights you up every day by tapping into your heart.
  • Get crystal clear on your values so you can prioritize your life.
  • Learn to live from the end of your goal for effortless manifestation.
  • Create the script of your ideal self-image and how to step into the highest and best version of yourself.
  • Harness the power of your higher mental faculties to become “unf*ckwithable”.
  • Master your mindset to have a life of peace, joy and fulfillment.
  • Understand spiritual laws to achieve peak performance.
  • Learn about the energy of money and how to develop an abundance mindset.
  • Mastermind with other successful women to leverage each other’s expertise and expand our influence.

As a mastermind attendee, you’ll receive: 

➡️A client questionnaire so I can learn all about you and study your business in advance of the event.  This will allow me to tailor the experience even more so you get the most out of it. 

➡️A mastermind attendee contact sheet, sent to you one week in advance so you know who’ll be in the room before you arrive.  Plus, this contact sheet will make it super easy for you to stay in touch with everyone you meet after the event as well!

➡️ A personalized hot seat. This is your opportunity to get in-depth feedback on the biggest challenges and opportunities in your business and life from me and your mastermind peers. The advice you receive could easily be worth tens (or even hundreds) of thousands to your business!

➡️BONUS - 1:1 coaching sessions Sign up for a no cost one on one session with me after the event to help you implement what you learned and stay accountable.

➡️ Ask anything Q&A. Me and the other mastermind guests are here to support you with any questions that come up.  I’m an open book and no question is off limits. 

The Investment:

Investment $1,111

Includes healthy lunch and snacks.  


If you have a question you’d like to ask me before signing up, you can email me at or send me a DM on LinkedIn

I am happy to help see if it’s the right fit for you!

What My Clients are Saying:

I loved the Mastermind Retreat, what an amazing way to spend the day!  The space provided was perfect for this retreat.  Adrienne’s home is beautiful and tranquil and provided the perfect environment.

I liked the holistic nature of this transformational process.  It is applicable to all areas of your life – health and wellbeing, relationships, finances and time freedom and career mission and/or purpose. 

The clarity of goals was eye opening and helpful.  I got very clear on what this looks like for me which was invigorating as well as fun.  It helped me get out of the mindset of what my goals “should” be and what people would think of me if I said what they really and truly were.  It was freeing!  I admitted my OMG goal out loud, it was awesome. 

The support and connection was the absolute best!  I left Adrienne’s house feeling like the experience was an amazing massage for my head space, it was exactly what I needed.

-Financial Advisor, Denver, CO

Time for retreat, reflection and leaning into the BOLD visions sometimes too fearful to dream or say out loud. 
My time with Adrienne at the Mastermind Retreat was like a springboard to remind me I AM everything I want my life to be and already is! 

My time with Adrienne, reinforced I can write down, recommit to my passions and what is most important to me; however, what’s best is taking time each day to revisit the commitments that I’ve made for myself, lean into them each day and vision them as though they already are my life! 

Even Einstein spent lots of time each day walking, squeezing his toes and dreaming into creativity! What won’t you achieve if you don’t take time for self? 

So grateful for my time with you Adrienne! You’re on an incredible journey changing the lives of real people daily for the better!

-Financial Advisor, Denver, CO

“By the end of the first section, I was in sync with what Adrienne was presenting and engaging with the group.  I felt like I was already getting some gold nuggets that I could use!  I attended every group meeting and my take aways are working for me and I am excited to be using them effortlessly.  That is key for me!

I found that weeks after the mastermind ended, I am still engaged and using my nuggets daily.  I have seen improvement in my life using the practices that Adrienne shared with us and will continue to do so.  Thanks Adrienne!”

-Financial Advisor, Denver, CO

“I have loved my experience with Adrienne.  The combination and reinforcement of the lessons coupled with Adrienne's coaching, has propelled my actions to finally realizing a work/life balance that I have never been successful in achieving.  It has opened up possibilities that I never realized were truly available.  I am so grateful to Adrienne for making this program available.  It has expanded my thinking in new and different ways.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

-Financial Advisor, Denver, CO

“I have really enjoyed working with Adrienne.  I was so caught up in myself and she has helped me step back and create a new framework for my life.  A work in progress but enjoying the ride more and more.  She leads a great mastermind that can apply to many facets of personal development.”  

-Sales Director, Denver, CO

Meet Your Host – Adrienne Grace

Adrienne Grace is a Mindset and High-Performance Coach, Consultant & Speaker.  She works with high achieving financial sales professionals become leaders in their field, bring in more business with ease and design a life they love.

Adrienne spent 16 years in the finance industry as a successful, high performing VP of Sales and earned the prestigious CFA designation – the highest distinction in the investment management industry.  She is a certified Proctor Gallagher Consultant and was mentored by Bob Proctor – the world’s foremost thought leader on personal performance coaching and mindset.  Prior to starting her own business, she worked with hundreds of financial advisors around the country.

 Adrienne left her successful finance career to start a business that she is passionate about and be a change agent in financial services.  She was able to hit six figures in under a year and replicated her prior monthly income in month 12 by applying the principles she coaches on.